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award-winning New Zealand copywriter Elo Jack

Welcome to HelloElo Copywriting.

I’m Elo Jack, an award-winning New Zealand copywriter.
I whip up personality-driven copy that turns on-the-fence
customers into die-hard fans.

Having a hard time standing out, in a sea of same-same competitors?

Get crystal clear on exactly what makes your business different, and how to use it to reel in customers.

Worked with a few copywriters before, but none of them quite hit the nail on the head?

Get spot-on copy that fits your brand’s tone of voice like a warm, snuggly glove, every time.

Are people rocking up to your website, but wandering away within seconds?

Make sure your site snatches attention, with engaging and entertaining words that’ll leave your customers feeling like fans.

Know what makes your business special, but struggling to put it into words?

Take the stress off your plate, with the UberEats of copy. Personality-packed words, delivered completely fuss-free.

How can HelloElo help?

Brand Strategy

Crash-zoom in on what makes you different, and get a tailor-made tone of voice that’ll turn your business into a beloved brand.

Website Copy

Make sure the whole world knows how awesome your business is, with a website that demands more attention than a melodramatic 5-year-old.

Content & Creative

Engage your customers and up
your business’s game with
compelling content, big ideas, and out-of-the-box creative concepts.

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