5 gifts a brand strategy will give you.

A solid brand strategy is one of the most valuable things a business can have. It’s the number one way to clarify your brand’s story, mission, and purpose – as well as its personality, and the way it should communicate.

It’s pretty much the key to turning a brand from a shy, unsure teenager, into a confident, grown-ass adult.

Woman from 1980s posing for the camera

Oh, hey! It’s your brand totally feeling its look!


These days, I’m starting to see more and more small businesses and start-ups looking for this kind of work, which gets me aaaall kinds of excited.

But in case you need a little more convincing, here are five things a HelloElo-style brand strategy will give you.

1. More personality than you can shake a stick at.

A brand strategy outlines the three or four key components that make up your brand’s personality.

For a toy shop, those might be fun, play, and curiosity. For a beer brand, they might be humour, boldness, and individuality. Whatever they are, they help define your brand, and give you a clear personality that you can go out and share with your audience.


2. A clearer vision.

Without a clear mission, your brand can feel a little like a boat without a rudder. Or like me, trying to drive somewhere new without Google Maps.

Man lost in a field

Seriously. Don’t make me do it.


What a brand strategy gives you is a crystal clear idea of your brand’s goals, values, and mission. So you know exactly where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.


3. A unique tone of voice.

Ever written something for your brand, and wondered why it feels slightly off? Or noticed that your social posts sound like they were written by a bubbly teenager, but your newsletters read more like an academic essay? It’s probably because your brand’s missing a clear tone of voice.

A big part of a brand strategy is nailing this part down. Coming up with key characteristics, and thorough writing guidelines – so whenever you’re creating a piece of comms, you have a yardstick to measure it against. Once you’ve got that yardstick, making sure everything you do sounds consistently on-brand gets a hundred times easier.


4. A story the whole business can get behind.

A brand strategy tells the story behind your brand. Painting a picture of its history, and its future. Getting that story out of your head and onto paper is crucial – not just for you, but for your whole team. So that everyone understands exactly why they come to work every day.


5. A solid understanding of what makes your brand tick.

You know your brand better than anyone. But even so, it can still be hard to put the ideas swirling around your mind-palace into words. And it’s even harder to share those ideas with other people.

A brand strategy document outlines absolutely everything there is to know about your brand. From its story, to its tone of voice, it paints a complete picture. So that you, your team, and your target audience all know who your brand is, and what it stands for.

How about you? Does your brand have a strategy? Has it helped you out? Do you think I’ve missed anything off this list? Am I asking too many questions?

Little girl with pigtails looking confused

I don’t know? Probably?


Get in touch and let me know.


Until next time!


Elo Jack x


P.S. To chat about how HelloElo can help you sort your brand strategy, chuck us an email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.

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