Mainland Cheese: The 2,000-Piece Voucher

About This Project


The brief:

Mainland is an iconic and well-loved Kiwi brand. Their decades-old tagline – “Good things take time” – is a marker of quality, and the patience it takes to make their cheese. In 2018, we were briefed to create an engaging campaign that reinforced Mainland’s legendary line and brand credentials.


The solution:

We came up with the idea to turn the quick-and-easy nature of the traditional voucher giveaway on its head, with a campaign that called for a time commitment far above and beyond the norm. The result was the Mainland 2,000-Piece Voucher. A voucher for free Mainland cheese, that came in the form of a huge and difficult puzzle; one of the most notoriously time-consuming hobbies there is. The only way customers could redeem the voucher, and get their cheesy reward, was to send us a photo of the fully completed puzzle – proving, in the process, that good things really do take time. Thousands of fans applied to receive a voucher through Facebook. And in the following weeks, our customers chose to spend hundreds of hours of their own precious time, piecing the voucher together – all for the sake of free Mainland cheese.



Agency: Colenso BBDO
Creative Director: Mike Davison
Art Director: Charlie Godinet
Copywriter: Eloise Jack


Awards & Publications:

6 x Bronze, Axis 2018
1 x Bronze, Adfest 2018
1 x Bronze, Caples 2018
1 x Crystal, Ad Stars 2018
1 x Finalist, Best Awards 2018
Front cover & feature in Directory
Ad Age Editor’s Pick

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